Old Man Exploring

Friday 27 November, 2015

Jingjiu - Peking Opera

I was privileged to see China National Peking Opera Company perform ‘Warrior Women of Yang’. The story is set in the Song dynasty (around 1000AD) when there were repeated attacks on the Chinese Empire from outside. With the male leaders of the Yang family dead, the women, led by a shrewd matriarch, take on the leadership to defeat the enemy.

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Tuesday 10 November, 2015


I encountered Christopher Bruce’s “Rooster” through a group of 15-year old students who had been given part of the piece to study, adapt and perform as coursework for a dance exam.

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Friday 26 June, 2015

Twins & War — an interview

Choreographer Renato Paroni de Castro speaks fast: “I think so much. I think five phrases and speak one”. Images, self-deprecating humour and profound ideas mix in a vivid stream.

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