Lonely Walk

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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. How true. Being locked down and under restriction due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the simple act of going for a short walk from home has become so important and precious.

I don’t have a routine. Often I walk for my permitted exercise when I have simply had enough of being in the house and garden. I’m restless at the best of times and not being free to choose what to do next is hard.

Every walk is different, even if I follow the same route. That’s always true, but maybe we are more alert after being confined.

At the end of one day, I just had to walk, even though it was already becoming dark and there was a gusty, biting North wind.

In half an hour, I did not see a single other person, even at a distance, and there was no sign nor sound that anyone else was alive. There were no planes in the sky, cars on the road, dogs barking: I was completely alone. I saw a few rooks being flung raggedly across the sky, and heard robins and blackbirds still singing. It all felt cold, bleak and empty, but I was glad to be alive and out in it.

As I pulled my coat tighter, and walked homewards into the wind, Venus and the Moon were in conjunction, dominating the sky as trees were in silhouette and smooth clouds were shaped by the wind.